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Protect Your Identity

Our client’s stealth security options help to keep your data and information under wraps, making your location and your IP address hidden from anyone other than you. All your data is private and third parties can’t get in to see it.

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Access Goes With You

Whether you’re looking to binge TV episodes or shop on your favorite sites, you can use our VPN to get those services. As with all of your browsing, it’ll be secure and private!

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We’ve put servers in over 16 countries found throughout the world, which means that you can use our VPN whenever and wherever you wish to do so. Your connection will always be encrypted, private, and secure, no matter where you access the web.

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All the security in one privacy plan:

Newest Data Encryption Techniques

By providing you with the newest encryption tech, SharpVPN helps you to doubly protect your data from any prying eyes.

Optimal Server Speeds

Our server speeds are incomparable, which means you get smooth, interruption free streaming.

Your Setup is As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Our VPN client is simple to setup on any device you install it on.

Non-existent Logging

Worried about your information being logged and then sold or hacked into by third parties? We have a strict no-logging policy, which means your data is always secure.

Securely Shuts Down in Seconds

If there is some sort of disturbance, interruption, or other strange activity around your VPN connection, the client will notice and shut everything down so that your data and device will not be compromised.

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